SUKI HOMES is a retirement home for Senior Citizens whose children are abroad / India not in a position to take care of them for various resons and parents want to be independent to lead their own life without effecting the routine of each other in the current scenario where in both the husband and wife go to work.

SUKI HOMES offers life time Solutions for Senior Citizen and refunds the Lease deposit amount in case they want to move out or incase of any eventuality the refund is made to the nominee(s) the lease period is extended up to the life of the other spouse (either or Survivor).

SUKI HOMES initial lockin period for the lease deposit would be 60 months from the date of occupation by signing the lease aggrement.

Deduction Clause.. If member vacates with in 36 months 20% deductions and refund the lease deposite. Between 36 -60 months 10% deductions and refund the lease deposite. Beyond 60 months no deductions full refund of lease deposite.

Suki Homes is offering / Supporting for both Demintia, Bed Ridden, kidney Failure, Cancer Patients. Suki Homes has experienced Doctor and Support staff's to lookafter the patients.

Individual care taker facilities are available from out source arrangements.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • All Hindu - Vegetarians with clean habits are eligible.
  • The Occupants will be interviewed by the committee before Admission to the Home.
  • A date convenient to both will be fixed for the occupants to move in.

Vision & Mission

We Provide Security, Stability, luxury Residents of Suki Homes

We help the Residents lead a peaceful life providing quality life style with almost care and love"

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39/1-1A-1B, Chamundi Nagar 4th Phase,
Kelamangalam Road,Mathigiri Post,
Tamilnadu, INDIA.
+91-4344-263131 (Office) / 262233 (Res)

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