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Welcome to Suki Homes Trust -Management.

The trustees are a mix of elder and young blood who have joined together to give back to the society and making it a better place to live.

Suki Home is Managed By:

Mr.G. Anantha Narayan. Chairman - Trustee.
Mrs.A.Rajeshwari Narayan. Trustee.

Advisory Members:

Dr. S. Ramaswamy. (Physician).
Mr. Chandrashekar F.C.A (Auditor)
Mr. P. Jayaseelan (Advocate)
Mr. S . Sathish Kumar - GOVT.AFFAIRS (Advisor)
Mr. G . Krishnan (Advisor)
Mr. A . Satishwaran (Advisor)

Our Bankers

State Bank of Travancore - Hosur
HDFC Bank - Hosur

G. Anantha Narayan. Chairman - Trustee Rajeshwari Narayan. Trustee. Mrs.Chandra. Manager. Mr.Ramachandran. Manager.
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