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Welcome to Suki Homes Trust -Concept.

SUKI HOMES TRUST offers life long lease flats to Senior Citizen on refundable basis.

SUKI HOMES TRUST is a retirement home for Senior Citizens whose children are abroad or not in a position to take care of them or Parents who want to be independent of their children so that the children and parents both have privacy and lead their own life without effecting the routine of each other in the current scenario where in both the husband and wife go to work.

SUKI HOMES TRUST offers life time lease flats to Senior Citizen and refunds the Lease deposit in case they want to move out or incase of any eventuality the refund is made to the nominee(s) the lease period is extended up to the life of the other spouse (either or Survivor).

SUKI HOMES TRUST initial lockin period for the lease deposit would be 36 - 60 months from the date of occupation or the last payment received which ever is later, but still the Lessee has the option to exit by foregoing 20% of the Basic lease deposit, if vacated within 36 months and 10% of the lease deposit if vacated within 60 months. There will no deduction beyond 60 months and the entire Basic Lease Deposit would be refunded.
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