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Welcome to Suki Homes -About Us.

As children grow up and leave the nest, parents are often left alone. More so, in bigger cities, and hence a concern about the safety and careof their parents often niggles at the back of the minds of the sons or daughters.

Care of parents in India traditionally, a chance responsibility, is changing with the growth of nuclear families. With old age support infrastructure getting better in metro cities, well off parents with a paying capacity, have begun to look at these options.At
SUKI HOMES, the children of NRI parents feel comfortable and call SUKI HOMES as their extended family, says Usha Vijayaraman who lives in the US, whose father N.K.GOPAL lives in SUKI HOMES for the last 3 years.
In India the concept of Retirement home is in a very nascent stage where in the joint family system is breaking and giving way to nucleus family because of work pressure, children going abroad, family size etc: says Ganapathy Subramanyam,

Mr.G.A.Narayan-(Chairman ,Mr.Ganapathy-(President),& Mrs.Rajeswari Narayan-(PRO) are running SUKI HOMES at HOSUR

The world around has become more self-centred and materialistic,without a "heart." Sentiments are out.Let's accept the reality and get on with our lives as best as we can. So, it is in the mutual interest and welfare of parents and children to accept their life-styles and needs.The seniors can opt out of the lives of their children-who have to manage within limited concrete cubicles- to live in seniors' homes which nowadays offer necessary facilties and appropriate environs, besides compatible community living.This is more necessary for parents (with NRI children) who are unable to manage indpendent houses and even flats,apart from security concerns , says Mr.Ganapathy.

I think the atmosphere, ambience are the main things apart from quality food, we have all the facilities that people at that age require. More than the brick and mortar it is the emotional bonding & personal care that they get at SUKI HOMES which keeps them happy and contended, says mr.Ganapathy

SUKI HOMES was started by Mr.G.A.Narayan - Chairman , Mr.Ganapathy Subramanyam - President & CEO as a service oriented organisation and wish to serve the senior citizens.

Its a dream come true , says Mr.G.A.Narayan- Chairman - SUKI HOMES whose wish was to take care of the Senior Citizens, it is my opinion that the under present environment,the concept of "extended families" is no longer valid or possible.In a globalized world, where in our children are engaged in a rat race to lead a good life while balancing work and family responsibilities.They have the opportunities which we did not have but are faced with challenges which we did not have to cope with.We lived a sheltered life with our parents and other relatives taking care of our educational and emotional needs.We managed to get decent jobs and were happy to stick on with the same,while fulfilling our family responsibilities -to our children and our parents.Our expectations and opportunities were limited indeed.Yes, we were lucky to enjoy a relatively peaceful life bereft of pressures.Unfortunately, in a commercialized and globalized world, our children are unable to devote the same care and attention on their aged parents or even take care of their children's emotional needs.We seniors are also unable to cope with the changed environs and enjoy even simple pleasures in our own households.Unable to accept the changed attitudes of our children,we feel disappointed and start feeling that we are a burden to our children.Same applies to their attitude towards us.

Suki Homes is a gated community and has all the facilities like a Hygenic kitchen, Dining Hall, Pooja Hall, Common Corridor, Street Light,Road,8 Passenger Lift, Generator,24 Hours Water, Tieup with bank for door step banking and extension counter, transportation facility, medical facility,round the clock security, internet, skype facility to talk to their children abroad and above all personal care from the promoters them selves.

Kitchen is very Hygenic and Managed by Only Ladies staffs.

SUKI HOMES was started and conceptutalised in the year August 2007 by Mr.G.A.Narayan, Ganapathy Subramanyam & Mrs.Rajeswari Narayan.

Readers who wish to know more or would like to contribute or donate can call Mr.G.A.Narayan- (Chairman) on +91-9047029410,Mr.Ganapathy- (President) +91-9786600567.
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