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Welcome to Suki Homes Trust!

SUKI HOMES TRUST is a part of RAJMAN TRUST has committed trustees who have vision of creating a better living space and quality living for elderly citizens among other activities.

SUKI HOMES was started and conceptutalised in the year August 2007 by Mr.G.Anantha Narayan, & Mrs.Rajeswari Narayan and was changed on Oct 2014 as SUKI HOMES TRUST, HOSUR.

The Trustees are a mix of elder and young blood who have joined together togive back to the society and making it a better place to live.
 Future Plans:

 Suki Homes Trust has in house facilities on daily basis as mentioned below.

     Activities like bhajans, Spiritual lectures, seminars to keep the members engaged.

     Tie up with Yoga teachers for basic Yoga (eg:Breathing Exercises)



  Flats Available Immediately On Lease.

  1. Double Bed Room Flats - 3 No's

  2. Single Bed Room Flats - 2 No's.

  Suki Homes Trust can look after Dementia, Paralytics, heart and kidney disease patients,
               Bed Ridden Patients.

   Interested Parties Contact:-

   Mr.G.Anantha Narayan,(Chairman),
   Mobile :- +91-90470 29410, +91-9487629410
   Mrs.Rajeswari Narayan :- +91-9047029411.
   Mail Id :- sukinarayan@gmail.com

 Ph: +91-4344-263131 (Office) / 262233 (Res), Mobile: +91-9047029410, +91-9487629410(Chairman)/+91-9047029411 ( Mrs.Rajeswari Narayan)
 Email: sukinarayan@gmail.com
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